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Easy as Pie: Desserts for Thanksgiving

Are you tasked with bringing dessert to Thanksgiving? Or maybe just hoping to volunteer? In some ways, it’s the easiest job: dessert so much easier to like than green beans. But Thanksgiving desserts can be tricky because you’re playing with traditions. Everyone already has an idea of what their favorite pumpkin pie should taste like!

So if you’re just looking to tweak the classics, here’s a trick that might help you make it memorable—in a good way.

Make it beautiful. 

There aren’t a whole lot of variables to apple pie, but you can still get it wrong. So stick to a tried-and-true recipe and instead play with appearance. I spotted the most beautiful variation on a classic apple pie on MissJordanKelley‘s Instagram feed, featuring rosettes. You can simply modify your favorite recipe to omit the top crust…

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Sweet Child of Mine (& Friday Links)

The junior high school around the corner from us is closed today after it received a notice of a gun threat. It’s put the entire community on alert as we hestitate to send our kids to the other schools in the district, and watch police cars patrol at drop-off. So I’m revisiting to make another donation and looking forward to pick-up time this afternoon and getting back into our regularly scheduled holiday fun!

This weekend is the annual Turkey Trot. For the first time, both of our kids are entered into races. Hudson is going to do a 2-mile race, and Skyler will join in the 1/4-mile fun run. After that, she’s requested to play at the park. No problem, kiddo. Later that evening, we’re going out to dinner with friends and then walking over to the Golden One Arena to see Guns n’ Roses! “Sweet Child of Mine” remains one of the best rock songs of all time, in my opinion. Can’t wait!

Finally, it’s the last weekend of basketball camp for Hudson on Sunday morning, but if the timing works out I’d like to head into SF to catch some of the West Coast Craft show. It’s always inspiring—if a bit more challenging to shop with kids. Anyone going?

Have a great weekend! So many links of note… 

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A weekend in Newport Beach, California

Last Thursday, the kids and I took our first solo trip together and flew south to Newport Beach. Having grown up just 20 miles north, in Long Beach, I’ve long been familiar with its charms, but when Visit Newport Beach invited me to see if with fresh eyes, I jumped at the opportunity to share it with Hudson and Skyler. Better yet, the kids just happened to have Thursday and Friday off from school, so we got to make a long weekend of it.

Here are some highlights…

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