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The Science of LEGO Organization

Last month, in a burst of organizational energy (which has ebbed, but I’m hoping it will be restored soon), I got serious about organizing Hudson’s growing LEGO collection. It’s not an easy task!

I wanted to come up with a system that would both foster creative play and allow Hudson to recreate the specific designs we’d initially purchased. In general, Hudson would follow the directions to make that one specific project, and then leave it to gather dust on a shelf.

Here’s how the experts in the LEGO group handle their collection…

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Travelogue: Thailand, Phuket

Our final leg in Thailand was an all-too brief stay on Phuket. And, in fact, we had a very limited look at the island—the largest in the country—skipping over the (in)famous bits like Patong all together.

We spent two nights at the JW Marriott on Mai Khao beach, a 7-mile, relatively undeveloped stretch of the Sirinat National Park that spans the northwest coast toward the airport. Our one trip outside of the hotel took us to Old Phuket Town, with its beautiful Sino Portuguese architecture. Most visitors, however, would use the base to explore the nearby islands—from where we’d just arrived.

Here’s a look back at those last three days of our anniversary trip.

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Don’t get bent out of shape. (Caring for your summer hat.)

I have a weakness when it comes to hats. Which means, I have a storage problem. Currently, they’re stacked in piles, with ones that no longer suit me acting like a stand at the base. This actually works pretty well, but I’m always interested in ways to better care for hats.

Here are some tips for keeping your straw hat in shape…

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