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No-Sew Backpack patches

A few years ago, Aron’s parents sent home a childhood backpack, adorned with patches from faraway places. It’s been hanging in Hudson’s closet ever since, reminding me that I wanted to help Hudson pick out patches for one of his own. We didn’t quite get to it in time for Kindergarten, but this year—after I noticed that Ikea was selling some well-designed, plain canvas backpacks—we made it happen.

The result is charmingly him, but keeping everything in place took a little trial-and-error. Many patches are “iron-on,” but that doesn’t mean a very strong seal. And because patch purchases can add up quick, you really don’t want those guys falling off! Sewing is the best and only truly permanent solution, and Hudson’s grandmother was able to get her sewing machine’s foot into the backpack to reinforce a few, but it’s tricky as you need to avoid joining functional pockets within the bag. If you’re not inclined to sit with needle and thread, a shoe repair shop or tailor could help, but ours charges per patch. Cha-ching.

So, the solution?

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CJ Hendry’s Colors (& Friday Links)

My mind has been blown! This is a photo of the hyperrealist artist, Cj Hendry creating portraits of oil paints with colored pencils. Can you believe it?! (Oh, and you’re curious like me: Apparently she used Prismacolor premier and Carand’ache Luminance pencils.)

We’re going to a party at The Crocker Museum in Sacramento tonight and looking at these images has made more excited to get up close to works of art. Also in the plans, Skyler’s first tumbling tutus class and a swim race and soccer game for Hudson. Aron and I are going to see the new Nancy Myers movie, Home Again, at one of those theatres with reclining seats and glasses of wine, and I’m hoping to do some garden and house clean-up. One reader commented on the movie in my birthday post and it’s still making me laugh:

“The movie begins with her character celebrating her 40th birthday, and I thought ‘oh my goodness, am I now the age of women who have ‘awakenings’ and rediscover their youth in Nancy Myers movies?'”

Hope you have a great weekend! Here are some more links of note… 

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Travelogue: North Shore, Oahu

When we visited Oahu for the first time, two years ago, we fell in love its North Shore and vowed to come back for a longer stay. For this visit, we rented a house for five nights, just beyond Pupukea Beach Park and it did not disappoint.

Much of what we did was repeat the things we most enjoyed on our previous visit, but there was some pleasure in feeling like we were returning to a familiar place—we felt very little pressure to see and do everything. Here’s how we spent the time instead…

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